Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stock list Review for last week

Starting the week with good watch list is one of the most important thing to do as trader. Watch list will keep you focus and that a good thing. I am for once, check the most of stock in weekend to add stock to my market watch and then select best of them to make my daily watch list. this page i will write about some of my selection and what i buy and what i sell. all will be from my Watch list or some times from my market list.

i start the week with buying PRLB at it's break over the 57.5 but i was in in 58 i sell my first half 62 then 1/4 @ 65 and the last 1/4 @ 60 when it break my second break level.

Also I buy AMBA @ 17.9 then i sell first 1/2 @ 18.5 but i get kicked out on the second half on break even

my third stock on Monday was RALY and still holding half in break over 24 i was in @ 24.2 and sold half @ 25.2

My last stock for Monday was TSLA but i sell it for loss as i but 1 dollar stop-loss and it hit it before it run up without me.

On Tuesday i bought XOOM, SPRD. XOOM was good 10% win as i bought it @ 21.3 and sell all @ 23.4 while SPRD, I was in @ 22 break and sold 1/2 @ 23 and then hit my stop-loss @ 22.1 as i was waiting for 25

On Wednesday market start bright and then the sell-off start. that day I buy QIHU for follow-through @47.5 and  I sell first 1/2 @ 48.5 then as i see market sell-off i sell my other half @ 48.3 while my second stock was a bad selection in RPTP i was in @ 7.85 and sell for lose at the sell-off @ 7.75

Thursday was a see-market-only-day. i only Sell-short BIIB @ 201 and hold it until Friday where i sell it on my target @195.

from this week i Only hold RALY @ 24.2 and have XXIA from last week @16.2

This was my week . a Good one over all

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