Monday, June 24, 2013

Stock list for Monday 24/6

Hi All

This week I will be travelling but i will try to keep up with market. i don't think i can post stock charts but i will put my stock list and what i will be follow at start of each day. over all, market will be in red shape this week as sell-off will intensified. so most of my stock will be short selection.

here are my stock:

- NUAN  Break below 18.3 with volume will run quickly to 17.5.
- GEVO  break over its flag @2.25 will run up.
- XONE   from last week selection are also in play over 53.5
- VRTX   below friday low 74.2
- SNCR  below 30.3
- AZZ below its 200MA for breakdown.

There are 3 good looking longs charts but market is not helping. i will keep them in my list to follow them and see if the can hold, for any bounce in market i will play them WLP, NXTM, RALY

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