Friday, October 4, 2013

Watch list For Friday 10/4

Hi all 

Market is in bad mood no any follow-through in any break stock this week. so better you don't play any new position until market prove itself. if you play any new stock play half position. Reserve your money, money is most important thing in market without it you can't play the market. SP-500 retrace back to it's 50Ma with volume so there is increasing sell in market. while Nasdaq retrace back to 20Ma with also volume. Transportation and Russell 2K also retrace back to there 20Ma after working near high for break. All news from world and Washington are potting are putting pressure on the market. stock from yesterday list are damage and most of stock are. but there some for today. mostly i will not play only if i see something change my mind. For now i will see what stock has a relative strength aginist market as the will be first to run in new uptrend.

Watch list for today:









Two Remarks: 

1- 75% of stock tend to move with over all market, so check market to make the odd in your favor  
2 do your OWN DD to select best stock with good Catalyst which will help stock more. 

Disclaimer :
 This is not an investment advisory, and should not be used to make investment decisions. this site, I use it to share ideas only and not as advise for stock buy. you need to do your own DD before make any decision.

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