Friday, October 18, 2013

Watch list for Friday 10/18

Hi all

Market exploded after Washington solve there problems. Most of indicator show improvement in over all market. also 4Q are most of the time the best earning seasons so we are going for good relaying end of year so lets hope there is no non-since news that destroy the market. last two days most of growth and major stock break to 52 wks high which also indicate that we are in good overall market. my watch list for last Monday break over last 2 days with good wins in most of them. like $CLFD, $ORLY, $UBNT,  $MTDR $ZIOP, $ANIK and $BOLX so i get really good gains in this week.

Here is my watch list for today :













Two Remarks: 

1- 75% of stock tend to move with over all market, so check market to make the odd in your favor  
2 do your OWN DD to select best stock with good Catalyst which will help stock more. 

Disclaimer :
 This is not an investment advisory, and should not be used to make investment decisions. this site, I use it to share ideas only and not as advise for stock buy. you need to do your own DD before make any decision.

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