Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Watchlist For Tuesday 24/9

Hi All

I hope you get my post with good health. Market yesterday was chippy little bit. Some of yesterday stock was running in good way other are still in our radar for break. As i expected the market it start with gap up and pullback to close near low at 10MA for SP500 while the Nasdaq run up back to close in mid-range. this is a good sign that both major indexes working for next relay and people are changing from stock to others. I think the market now need to consolidate sideways so that most of stock can shape nicely for next relay. We have a good list yesterday like $ISIS, $CSTE,$MKTO, $UBNT before it run up, and $SNMX which i think it will continue it run today. Other stock like $MELI, $GDOT,and $ELLI are still in play for break. And here is today watchlist:









Two Remarks: 

1- 75% of stock tend to move with over all market, so check market to make the odd in your favor  
2 do your OWN DD to select best stock with good Catalyst which will help stock more. 

Disclaimer :
 This is not an investment advisory, and should not be used to make investment decisions. this site, I use it to share ideas only and not as advise for stock buy. you need to do your own DD before make any decision. 

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