Sunday, June 16, 2013

Stock for 17/6

Hi all here some good looking stock for Monday 17-6 Starting with:


PRLB is one of 3D company and it has a good consolidation around its 50ma, but it's now near its the up line of consolidation any break over  with volume it can move to new high Friday high 57.6.


AMBA moving in tight high flag any break over this down tend line will send it to new high with higher volume as this stock break high and then consolidate in flag to break to new high .


TSLA one of most volute stock in market and it a high risk stock but  it need to break over 103 to move again to new high also it had a high short interest.


GTXI is a Biotech company and biotech tend to move with catalyst now it made a good looking consolidate under it 52wk high any break over 7.15 will send it high 


WCN run to new high and consolidate under it with low volume which is good for break to new high I  like it  if it can break over 41 with volume. 


CSII is really work against the correction of the market and it hold really well which is good for the run if the market start to run high again. i like it over 20 and better over 20.5 for new year high. 


Raly over this down consolidation with volume. RALY is one of new IPO with good fundamental over 24.25 were i like it most .


FHCO one of best looking stock in market after last week correction low volume consolidation after run-up over 10 and volume i can see this one reach 11 


CHTP nice looking chart over 2.5 with volume. nice flag but low price are a higher risk stock 

Finally, there are some other to keep eye on like MDSO, FLT, EFII, BV and IPHI. 

Two Remarks: 

1- 3-quarter of stock tend to move with over all market, so check market to increase your odd in winning. 
2 do your OWN DD to select best stock with good Catalyst which will help stock more. 

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